life curious - creative business plan

There was a time last year when I wasn’t sure how my ideas were going to manifest themselves into earning a living. I had a couple of plans in place and was working on both of them, but I instinctively knew that those plans, although they were on subjects I was passionate about,  did not involve my dharma*.

So I decided to create a right brain business plan to help me look at the problem in a different way. I created the plan with myself as the business!

Because I didn’t know what my product or service would be, it was a bit woolly in places and by the summer of 2011 was languishing on my book shelf.

I found the plan last week when I was clearing some space on my shelves to store the packaging for my Etsy shop items.

Opening it up was a real revelation! I was absolutely blown away by how much of it had come true, just over one year later.

bohemian tastes : creative business plan

One of my biggest requirements was that I wanted to conduct business (whatever that may be) with the types of people I would hang out with. I can honestly say that has never been more true than now!

passion - creative biz planning

There was lots more – so much around values and passion and personal qualities. But it was perhaps the pages dedicated to my big vision that really make an impact with me today. Completely intuitive pages at the time, they make so much sense to me now. They’ve come into being without me even knowing what they meant when I created them.

dream plan : creative business plan

Such is the power of using creative strategies to achieve your goals. When you have strong feelings but can’t pin anything concrete down in words, using an intuitive approach and ‘playing’ with images can lead to the most astonishing results!


*dharma: a Sanskrit word meaning “purpose in life”.

I used The Right Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee as a starting point for my creative biz plan.