I was inspired to make a vlog yesterday. It turns out that managing videos are a real guddle* here these days. Huge file sizes and a very slow internet connection. A laptop that seems to have lost all ability to manage video files. So I waited until this morning when I could ask the teenager to help.

After downloading three different pieces of software, requiring me to copy and move files, convert files and other technical stuff I didn’t understand, I threw a strop and ruled out all notion of producing any videos.

When I’d recovered my sensibilities,  I figured I’d just upload the massive file I had to my shiny new YouTube account as it was. So here it is.

If you have a slow internet connection there may be a slight problem with the synchronisation of sound and image. I do hope not.

It’s an opportunity for me to share my voice and face with you. No script. No make up. No lighting. Arting uniform of bandana and apron. It’s an experiment. I hope it works 🙂

* useful definition of guddle for readers of non-Scots origin