julie gibbons creates etsy shop banner

I hadn’t planned on opening day being when it was.

I had thought I’d put into place a wee promo plan beforehand, once I was happy with everything.

Then the recycled board and the biodegradable cello bags arrived on Tuesday morning and one thing led to another!

Before you know it, I’d opened my online store and was writing to all of my newsletter subscribers to tell them about it.

My first sale was made within half an hour of that (thank you again Sarah).

I had such a fun day – it turns out that I love packaging up the items for sale almost as much as I love to create them!


What happened was that back in April I created an online shop to sell some cards. I’ve been adding stock to it every so often, but I took my time over the actual opening of the shop; waiting until I had a stock level I was happy with and had sourced the type of packaging I wanted to use.

I worked on it when I felt like it and quickly knew when to leave it alone. Routine tasks such as this simply can’t take up the majority of my day or it begins to become so tedious that I end up hating what I’m doing. I didn’t want to end up hating my wee shop!

The shop was originally planned to sell note cards, postcards and journals containing my inspirational images and I managed to stock it up quite well with cards (although I’m still making the journals).

What was definitely  unexpected was that I would also include some prints of my artwork in the shop. I genuinely hadn’t thought of it until people started telling me that they wanted to own some of the images I posted from my art journal pages.

This seems somehow ridiculous and affirming all at the same time. I’m so grateful to have been given the nudge, though because the truth is I’m really quite proud of them up there for sale. The thought of them finding homes with my kindreds genuinely fills me up with glee. I can see many more making an appearance in the near future.

Prior to opening up my online classes + mentoring service this wee endeavor allows me to contribute to the household income. It supports the work I do everyday as I devise content to help women just like me navigate their life’s journey using creative strategies.

I discovered last year that I was simply unable to work for anybody else. That story goes quite deep and is yet to be told to you in full.  It was soon after my ‘get-a-job debacle’ that I wholeheartedly gave way to living my life as an artist.

For at least 20 years, I thought that being an artist meant you were someone else. Not me, because I owned a core belief that I wasn’t good enough to be an artist. Ask me, though, what I am happiest doing, ask me how it makes me feel and I know that I am born to create art and share creative strategies.

I am the best me there is. I choose to be an artist and therefore I am the best artist version of me there is – and that is good enough. Good enough today and everyday.

Enough Found Inspirations A4 Art Print (8x10)

I do hope that you will take a look and see what’s on offer. Remember that when you do make a purchase you are helping me support my family by living the life I was meant to live, by being true to myself, by doing the best I can.

As a wee thank you for that, please enter this coupon code at the checkout. You’ll receive an instant 15% discount.


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