help from friends art journal

Some days, there is just not enough inside to produce original art – especially when you are light in the sleep department… Almost three weeks since my last entry in my A4 journal (my Smash books and altered books have been getting all the attention lately) I wanted to make some kind of mark today, but I knew I didn’t have it in me to create an original image (or much of anything, really).

After creating an easy background page with spray inks, acrylic paint (with added pearlescent tinting medium) stencils and some gifted tape for borders, I looked through my stash of printed Instagram images to provide the main fodder.

I added in a capture of some speed sketching I did last week and one of my #foundinspiration collages. One page down, one to go!

miracle found inspiration

As it happens, last week, I’d asked a few of my arty Instagram family if they’d give me permission to use some of their images in journal pages and they all said yes! (yay). There was definitely some magic in it, as those images seemed to fit right in with today’s notion.

advice borrowed instagrams

Yes you Can stargardener

So this is what we have. A spread based around the notion that I am living out a version of my dream life and that if I ever lose touch with that reality, I can be reassured by these sweet messages from friends.

Thank you Lori @lipdesign, Mandy @messycanvas and Teresa @stargardener.

Unfortunately this version of my dream life does not include a personal chef, so I am off now to prepare food for some hungry hordes. But really, that’s just an interlude. If you haven’t already, you may wish to sign up for occasional newsletter style updates (something very cool will that way arrive, pretty soon-ish.)