A couple of spring days filled with summer sun. Everybody begins to feel better, don’t they?

Sunshine yellow so buttery – quite different with autumn’s golden hues – warming bare skin which only a few days before was wrapped up in double layers.

I spent yesterday sitting in this sunshine. Not doing anything at all. Letting the chatter from the neighbour’s garden stream over me. A gardening to-do list begun, but never completed. I just let it be (after all, I’m getting through it.)

And here I am today, upright and breathing quite well. Taking it easy at my desk – fueled by hope and the promise of love, connections and meaning.

This March has been brutal in terms of health. That’s been prominent in my work of the last couple of weeks, but as the sunshine streams over my desk today, I am reminded of just some of the things I love about March – this season of transition;

  • Blackbirds singing at dusk – at once nostalgic and hopeful.
  • The first laundry of the season out to dry on the line – fresh air brought inside.
  • The advent of daylight savings time reminding me there is life after dinner.

Instantly, I can breathe easier.

So, these are my prompts for my art journal for the week ahead. I would love to hear yours.