It is 1am and I can’t breathe again. I’ve stuffed tissues up my nose. At least it is dark and you can’t see. I decided to write this on my iPhone, in bed.

I usually only compose posts on my laptop. I’m not sure why – something about being at my desk, working! And I understand this is related to why I write so few posts. So here I am breaking out of the mould …

This cold plague thing has been fierce. I thought it was getting better on Wednesday, but yesterday was a major relapse – really annoying given the warm, spring sunshine.

I don’t want to complain about being unwell anymore. Boring! But, it is my current reality and I want my journaling to take account of more of my day to day living.

So I managed a really quick journal spread in my altered book (in retrospect, this was a step too far, in my current state – I was barely able to stay upright for the duration).

I laid down some masking tape then added in some Washi tapes for colour and patterns, to cover all the available space. Then a light cover of white gesso in top.

Some acrylic ink sprayed over it and the addition of a wee flip (the BINGO card reminded me of a kind of health lottery I feel in the middle of) on which I could record some journaling.

I’ve been reading The Hunger Games throughout this plague. Racing through the teen trilogy I was struck by this statement (from the second book, I think)

you’ve got to get through it to get to the end of it

So I printed that out a few times and dotted it about the pages.

Really quick and very messy, but summed up how I’m feeling perfectly!