Life Book Paint Over Collage

Faces. Always going to be a challenge for me and newly revived artsy skills. But how much did I enjoy learning this new method from the lovely Tam at Willowing in her Life Book class? Way much!

You can see on the left the original collage I made using some craft paper, magazine tear outs and other bits and bobs. Then the painted over version on the right (I used acrylics, water soluble crayons, ink and stamps.) Quite the transformation, hey?

I truly had a blast doing the class. Tam’s videos are always relaxing (some video classes really stress me with out with all the pumped up ‘pop’ music and lively energies) and I learn tons each time I take one.

I was absolutely thrilled with the finished page, right up until I noticed the spelling mistake today when I went to scan in the page. Gak! So I tried to add in an extra letter “s”, but it didn’t really work.

N’ary mind – I was thrilled with this process and have been totally chilled about all the imperfections. The healing part was about acknowledging transformation through small achievements, and that’s built into the process – even more so for me, what with the mistooks I made –  and I reckon the page looks much better in person and can’t wait to add it to my Life Book.

Talking of which, the class is still open for registration. If you fancy it, you can still join in and just catch up with the lessons you’ve missed whenever you wish. I’m not big on the community side, as I don’t have much time, but from what I’ve experienced, there is a brilliant community of supportive, caring souls in there. It might be just the boost your artiness needs.