I found this video on the wonderful blog Heroes not Zombies. My heart gets bigger each time I watch it! It certainly seems apt for this Valentines Day, when heart symbols abound.

The PrizesIn the spirit of hearts and love, today is the day I reveal who is the lucky recipient of these fabulous books.

Thanks are due to everyone who took the time to tell me about their favourite gifts. I loved hearing about what gifts meant most to each of you.

And to all of you who insisted that you didn’t want to win the books, I ignored you, and entered each one of you into the mix.

The method of selection was via this random number generator.

the winner isThe first person to leave a comment was Vera – hooray, hooray, hooray!

I’m not sure where Vera lives, so I can’t say where the books are flying off to, but I know the parcel will be full of love.

If you missed out …

Know this – I value your connection. I love that you shared. You made a difference and you caused some ripples. Much love to you.