You’re on holiday, it’s nearly midnight and you’re on your iPhone, because, well – you’re on holiday, but you like to keep in touch with the world. Lest you miss anything i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t .

You see a tweet from an artist you really love. The tweet links to a give away on another beautiful artist’s blog. The give away is $50 to spend in the first beautiful artist’s etsy store.

You think, what the hell? It’s close to the deadline for entries, but you’ve nothing to lose. You’re on holiday, after all. And you covet those pretty things in that store. So you leave a comment on the blog and let it go…

Then you get an email to tell you that you’ve won. You feel great. Smile a lot. You tell folks I’M A WINNER!

It takes a while to decide what you want to spend your voucher on – it’s all so very desirable. But you do. You manage to make a decision.

Then, the moment comes. The parcel arrives. And even the parcel is a work of art.

kellybartonparcelAnd you’re back to feeling great. You’re feeling loved – you feel seen.

You feel connected and most of all you feel grateful. Grateful for the gift from two artists far away across the ocean. Thank you Kelly Barton and Liv Lane ♥


And the prints. Well, they’re just everything you’d hoped they would be. And you know you made the right choice. And you feel truly blessed…

Don’t think of give-aways on a blog as a cynical marketing device. Think of the joy and delight they offer the recipient as they open their parcel (or electronic file, or membership site). Connecting people, often from many miles away. Spreading the love. And there’s a ripple effect …

I have a give away coming here soon. Do look out for it!