Have you listened to Jamie Ridler’s inspirational weekly podcast Creative Living with Jamie?

If you do, you’ll know that hardly a week goes by without someone mentioning Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and her recommended practice of Morning Pages. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s Julia herself explaining a little about the tool.)

I’ve practiced morning pages off and on (mostly off) but have been itching to start practicing again. Lo and behold, Julia was Jamie’s first guest of 2012 on Creative Living.

Not five minutes into listening to the interview and I had dragged out a newish A4 spiral bound note book I’d purchased months ago with a mind to starting Morning Pages again.

But, it was really bland and I knew that secretly, I wanted a special journal for Morning Pages. But I also knew that I could be using that as an excuse not to start writing them again (well, that and my arthritic hands)…

So, I delved into my found items basket for some inspiration, got the gesso out, some acrylic paints and the brayer and decided to create an inspirational cover for the notebook, right there and then.

inspiration express

And now I have an inspirational, customised journal which I can’t wait to begin tomorrow morning.