I really love my Filofax, but I do sometimes struggle with its officiousness (despite that it is bright raspberry coloured leather). When I saw this post by Susannah Conway, I just knew I’d give it a try.

I’m still quite new to this idea of mixed media collage and so I started out with some gentle background collage, using already beautiful images:

Filofax background collage

Then I got a little carried away with the acrylic paints, pastels, stamps and bubble wrap:

Filofax paint over collage

Here is the finished article, with the addition of an inspirational quote:

Filofax mixed media

I was a wee bit disappointed with this particular divider, thinking I’d overdone it with the paints and what not, but I crafted all six dividers and was really pleased with the results overall:

Filo divider collage green

Filo Dividers Red

Crafting a little art into the old Filo has really sprung new life into it and I can’t wait to fill it with more dreams and inspirations. Meanwhile, I’ll making teensy versions for the personable Filofax that’s carried around in my handbag.