isabel losada author on tour

Isabel Losada is an author (and more) who takes action.

We enjoyed Isabel’s company this last couple of days here at Gibbons Towers after her book-signing event in Edinburgh. Her lasting legacy? Taking action.

Take Action

You may have heard of Isabel’s book For Tibet, with Love, otherwise known as A Beginner’s Guide to Changing the World? Well, all of Isabel’s books talk about taking action to some degree. So it’s no surprise that after enjoying lots of Scottish sunshine and in between signing more books (she’s the most dedicated author you’ll ever meet) and a nutritious vegetarian dinner, she kicked off her shoes, got hold of some garden (and kitchen) implements, flower seeds and created the beginnings of the wildflower garden in our front yard.

Without being asked. Without even being hinted at (despite us having had the idea for at least a year). She just up and did it.

I know Isabel had ‘better things to do’. We had planned a working session, which would have benefited her enormously. Yet, this was a project crying out to get started. So she did. Right there and then – even whilst under attack from the renowned Scottish midges.

Can you take action today and start/complete something you’ve been thinking about for a while?

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. ~ Tony Robbins

Just Being

The Battersea Park Road to Paradise is Isabel’s latest book. Five chapters that each detail a different aspect of taking some action to fix the hole Isabel had found herself in.

The chapter that has repelled and fascinated me in equal measure was the one in which Isabel spends ten days on a residential retreat learning the ancient art of Vipassana. Ten days of meditating for 10 hours each day. No social contact of any form with any one. Not even a book for night-time pleasure and the first meditation of the day beginning at 4.00am.

Isabel is also a lady who has experienced lots of ‘just being’.

Have you spent any time today just being? Even for five minutes? Can you do it right now? What do you notice?

Observing reality as it is by observing the truth inside—this is knowing oneself directly and experientially. As one practices, one keeps freeing oneself from the misery of mental impurities. ~ Mr. S.N. Goenka, householder teacher of Vipassana

What do you think of Isabel’s method for establishing the wildflower circle? We’re hoping for some more of the sunshine that graced her visit to help coax the seeds from their municipal compost beds. If it works, you’ll no doubt be seeing lots of photographic evidence: