I’m missing it. The Slice of Life Project, that is. Six weeks (well, really about four and a half in my case) of photography class presented by the radiant photographer Darrah Parker.

Week Two : An unexpected lesson

By week two, I was learning one of the biggest lessons of the last couple of months. Photographing our rituals and routines, I was seriously frustrated with my need to convey the sig-nifi-cance of the ritual. I mean, they’re my rituals … the very same rituals by which I’m holding myself together in this mid-life-crisis beautiful life of mine. They’re important. Vital (did I mention significant?) and dare I say,  s-a-c-r-e-d?

altar candle

Week Three : They’re ganging up

The next week, I was taking MOVE : A Body Journey class by the wonderfully joyful Brandi over at Joy Rebellion. Weeks one and two had gone well – yoga and hiking = hoorah! And then week three was all about …. f-u-n! See, I was all serious in my appreciation of the forest I was hiking in. Marvelling at the wonders of nature and my body’s ability to lay foot to earth and propel it’s way round. I was learning how even sitting in a chair could be good for the body. And then, along comes FUN?

going hiking boot

And I struggled so. I’m almost ashamed to admit it. For years I had the mantra “Find The Fun” on my whiteboard and even under my steam, with no boss to call the shots, I’d failed to find it. This beautiful journey of mine (for I don’t need any class to know that my life here at home is utterly beautiful – PMS days-aside) is just a little lacking in that simple, vital element…

Bringing It Home

Darrah and Brandi had unintentionally (or was it?) given me a big, healthy, loving slap around the jaw. They had told me over two consecutive weeks to “quit being so bloody serious all the time” and “go out there and shake my groove thang“. Actually, that was my cartoon avatars of them sitting on each of my shoulders yelling at me.

You’re laughing now, right? Laughing at the serious girl who thought she was there to learn about photography and exercise. You already knew it was about something else – or did you?

What will your revelation/self-realization/lesson be during your next class/workshop/ecourse?

More to Come

I was loving both of the classes, but then I did a stupid thing and stretched/tore the muscle/ligament in my back and didn’t quite complete the lessons. I’ll be going back to them when I can. There was much more photography to learn – I discovered that I’d really like to capture good people shots, which I have some difficulty with. There’s another yoga video to go back and check out to stretch this fun-lovin’ ass some more.

More stretching of the body and mind to come – and this time I’ll be coming at it with this new understanding of me. As for the fun?

I’m understanding that I’m not so spontaneous. I’m also understanding this means I’m a great planner and organiser.

Still, it’s nice to loosen up some and stop striving for perfection – for that is hard, serious work – and that, as you already know, is a real energy suck.

At the end of the day, I am genuinely grateful for the beauty that my Slice of Life file pictures have allowed me to capture. What do you think?