petal in water

Stopping. Starting. Confidence. Doubt. Everything. Nothing. Small. (So small.) Cosmic. Still. Faltering. Striding. Introverted. Gushing. Changing. Probing. Turning. Young. New. Reviving. Restoring. Growing. Stirring. Discovering. Stop. Unstoppable. Fragile. Backwards. Tired. Exhausted. Ancient. Manic. Majestic. Joyful. Thankful. Indulgent. Juicy. Magic. Worthy.

Forwardly momenting

It’s ALL good. It’s ALL valid. REALLY. It’s direction is always forward, even on rewind.

Noticing in new ways. Making sense of it all. The magic of acceptance. The power of new awareness. Space to let it grow. Understanding new dimensions. Reaching out to and conversing with all of the parallel universes of me.

Beautiful people

I’ve been engaging help. Formal and informal. Structured and freestyle. It’s life-changing. Here’s just some of that help in the form of some beautiful people;

Today was the last session with the most fabulous Lindsay McLeod – and her Beta teleclass Recovering Perfectionists: an adventure into Body Harmony® . Blimey. Talk about new dimensions – I’m duly unleashed! Remote body work, stirring and uncovering like a skilled archeologist. Revealing relics from a bygone age. Ancestral and primal. And at the same time, experiencing the now. When you get the chance to work with Lindsay, DO IT!

Black and white. Stop and start. It’s rarely thus, even when we think it is so. Some things are more around the corner and back again than straight through the door and my monthly membership of master storyteller Amy Palko‘s Bloom By Moon venture has been just that. Twisting and turning my way through deep comprehension of me, myself and I via long established tales of wisdom, retold in a framework for expansion and a comforting cocoon all at once, you’ll want to join us in the moonlight if you’re keen to explore something new.

Next up, I’m soon to be sharing A Slice of Life with Darrah Parker, courtesy of the marvellous Roots of She giveaway, which I had the good fortune to win 🙂 Yes, you see REAL people really do win prizes. And even better – there are some wonderfully beautiful people who give them away. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What is The Slice of Life Project? “It’s about saying that your life is just right the way it is.” It’s about finding another way to appreciate that fact. And registration for this next course is still open 😉

My life right now really is JUST RIGHT. It’s the connection running through all three of these courses / classes / communities. And that’s cool. There’s no job title for it, of course. Nor a conventional pay cheque. But it’s  necessary – an ABSOLUTE requirement.  This process. The rituals. The engagement. The commitment. The perspective.

I am here. I am now. All is well.