February Rowan Moon Dreamboard

Mmmm. It’s been a few days since I created this dreamboard under the full moon. It’s quite a surprise to me, as I’d spent ages cutting out pictures of spring flowers and gardening shots. But this is what ended up on the board – from deep within.

I’m particularly loving this image. Is she delivering a message?

Oh, there’s so many more that I love, not least the puffin, the duckling and even the scary dude with horns (celebrating one of the fire festivals in Barcelona). The truth is, I’m not feeling particularly aglow right now. I guess that’s why all the light, pretty pictures didn’t make it onto the board.

This board is rich and golden. I’m absorbing it each day as I look at it on my desk. Harmonising natural elements and discovering – or reclaiming – my glow.

As always, you can see more Full Moon Dreamboards over at Jamie Ridler Studios. Jamie is a wonderful creative living coach. Poke about while you’re there and see what else takes your fancy 🙂