I’ve come to understand I’m a much ‘nicer’ person when I connect with the outdoors. When I repeated earlier today that I need to be outside everyday, my husband delicately agreed “I benefit too.”

Misty Tree

So today, I ditched the planned yoga sesh and took him with me for a woodland walk in the mist. The spring is on its way, but it’s surely not here yet, and yet there was colour and beauty everywhere, even (and especially) in the mist. The trees: just wow!

Bright yellows and the palest of greens.

Yellow Lichen

Hair lichen that looks like undersea coral.

Hair Lichen

The guardianship of the hawthorn.

Old Hawthorn Tree

Even orange tiger stripes.

Tiger Stripes

And natural Totems.


It’s endless. Heart swelling. Soul restoring. Magical.

Thanks to Joanna at Nature’s Fire for prompting me to notice, Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio for the photo post idea and to the wonderful peeps at the Save Our Woods campaign who will continue to try and stop (with our help) the UK government selling off our woods and forests.