robert tatin museum, laval, france

One word for the year ahead they said. Just one? How difficult. But choose it I did. I’ll hold it close to my chest for now.

But stop at just one word?

How entirely important words are. How wonderfully magical and powerful. Choosing power words to live by is a beautifully personal ritual – it can help shape a beautiful life. For shaping is what the words do … they bring intent into focus, they affect the subconscious and they colour your dreams.

When I turned forty last year (forty, really? can it be so? ah, yes…) I thought about which words I wanted to shape my life with. A couple of months since and I’m ready to share them. To launch them into the world… set them free … give them wings …

RITUAL : Every life demands ritual – the lack of it initiates the spiritual quest. Everyday small things, ritualised through conscious awareness, massively contribute to soul fulfillment.

CREATIVITY : Inherent in all of us, without it the colours became paler, the experience wanting. Unleashed, it allows you to live your truth. From waking to sleep, every act imbued with inspiration.

NATURAL : Without effort, it is what it is. There’s an order and balance to it. Listen to nature’s whisper.

ORGANIC : Free from intervention. Alive and growing. No artificial additives.

FREEDOM : From the system. From the accepted. From the norm. Our team mantra.

INSPIRATION : A spark of awareness. A flow of connection. To be cherished and explored. Let it take you where it will.

CONSCIOUS : Mindfulness – of everything, all the time. Beginning to end.

WELLBEING : Your responsibility. Mind, body and soul. Nourish it well.

WOMEN : Soft and Powerful. Uplifting and supportive. Teachers, all of them. Let’s dance.

CIRCLE : A dance. A cradle. Nurturing and inspirational : a gift to share and celebrate.

MOTHER : Of and am. Grace, strength and learning. Let the light shine.

BEAUTY : A powerful intelligence : bold and beautiful, without and within.

COLOUR : Paint and yarn. Words, pictures and dreams. Magic circles and fireworks.

SOFT : Soft time. Soft edge. Soft focus. Soft body.

GENTLE : In each action and every relationship : the known and the unknown.

UNCONVENTIONAL : The absolute importance of being. Contrary for goodness sake.

REBELLIOUS : Inherent contrariness. Harnessed for self without harming others.

PLEASURE : Colourful, sensational wondrous and glowing. Delightful results from simple actions.

COSMIC : The universality is accepted. A surrender and a channel.White and pure, dark and mystical. Connection.

MYSTICAL : Wonderful and deep. Into the darkness to bring forth the light. Cyclical and real.

HEALING : Actions and insights offering balm for the soul.

COMFORT : Nesting in this place without fear.

GENEROUS : To receive the many gifts offered and offer mine with no attachment.

GRACEFUL : The state of giving and receiving.

PRIMITIVE : Primal and innate. Powerfully natural.

ESSENCE : Pure and honest. Delicately scented.

PURE : Intent and action. Poisons are not welcome, no matter the appeal.

HEART : Open and vulnerable – a wellspring of boundless energy.

IDEAL : Here and now. Acceptance.

SACRED : My sacred grove – a space from my heart to honour myself, the cosmic intelligence and all the special people in my life.

DREAMING : The parallel and the attainable. On the full moon – make it so.

PASSION : An unstoppable cosmic journey from here to infinity

MAGIC : To carve the magic from each and every day, to capture it and record it and never forget to conjure it

LOVE : The single most powerful force, I have found my true love and demand only that our love be without limits.

JOURNEY : A neverending quest for adventure in the mundane.

DEPTH : An exercise revealing the complexities of self.

SURRENDER : Ultimate. Trusting. Give it up and be.

DARKNESS : To be explored and savoured. To gain insights and reveal truth.

SENSUOUS : My foundation. Feeling, tasting, seeing, hearing the beauty around me – on this plane and the cosmic.

BOHEMIAN : My creative edge. The romance and magic of the gypsy, spicy, jewel-like, with bells on. A magic carpet ride.