the attack - pic

The day

Planning, projecting: hopes and dreams.
Reclaiming self: naming future.
Headfirst: life is for living.
Owning. Daring. Committing.

Uplifted, enthused: tackle dreary tasks.
Contentment and being for me:
Unsettled, and impatient for him.
So, to sleep, to heal, to energise: to surrender.

The night

Massive energy surge.
From the deep, dark earth.
Electric and immediate.

From the side, the monster attacks.
Black, huge: this cartoon being.
Revolting rows of white bunting for teeth.
Red tongue and wide mouth into the deep.

It attacks my very core.
Middle gone, devoured in a flash.
Gaping wound drips flesh and blood.
Creates a void ready and oh, so willing to be filled.

The fear

Who are you to think of such a wondrous place?
What are you going to put there?
What can you create?
Who even cares?

To leave comfort, safety?
To invite harm?
To risk and explore?
To trade beautiful for unknown?

Who are you to think of such a thing?


The morning

I have a name for you.
I know your face.
You’re a night monster.
There’s no place for you here.

I can make you small.
I can chase you away.
I am not scared of you.
No, not at all.

I am me. I am you. I am everything.