So here it is – a special place on the web just for me. I hope you like it!

Craig at Now Creative made it for me using a mood board I put together especially for this project:

julie gibbons mood board pic

Thank you Craig!

How it came about

I realised the need for this site earlier this year when I was luxuriating in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboards exercise and didn’t feel  comfortable sharing the boards on my existing blog Organikal on an ongoing basis. Then there were the wee bursts of creative writing (especially those started at Joanna Paterson’s Treasure Conscious class) or inspirations and journal entries that I wanted to share which also weren’t part of the message behind Organikal.

So I created a new Tumblr space for Julie Gibbons.  But I’ve been thinking Tumblr, fun though it is, just wasn’t enough for what I wished to express and how I wished to present it. And so here we are. After all, I have some fabby friends who were also brave enough to claim their names and spaces on the web this year and inspired me to do so. Isn’t that right Jackie Walker and Amy Palko? Then of course, there’s the wonderfully sharp and motivational Lea Woodward who knows exactly what her space is for and reminded not every project needs to be a BIG deal.

How it feels

I would say it’s been quite a scary decision to make – to bare all on a place with my name; to reveal some of the inner thoughts and feelings which move me day-to-day; to share my rediscovered compulsion to create, with various project work and journal entries and to expose my personal rituals – but you know what? It hasn’t. It’s been exciting and positive and wonderful and absolutely the right thing.

Of course, I ain’t going to share everything. I’m sure even when Joni Mitchell was writing Blue she didn’t reveal everything!

What I mean is, you can share a whole heap, without regurgitating that which should remain private and special and secret. Sharing a response or a moment, or a spark is enough. And that’s what I hope this place will be. And without a business plan it needn’t become anything that causes me sleeplessness or feel weighty about my neck.

I’ve unreservedly used a lot of ‘me’ and ‘I’ here and for that I make no apologies. It’s quite a hard thing to do for a marketing dude. But I’m going to do it a lot more. After all, this is a place for me, and I’m going to use it to soar:

Will you soar with me?