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Here, the work is a process of

relocation + reconnection | relating + remembering

by means of understanding

connecting SOIL + SOUL

Julie Gibbons is a heart centred and generous art mentor. She offers support and a wealth of information and materials. Because of my participation in her mandala programs, I have grown spiritually and artistically, feeling more confident, competent and courageous as an artist and human being. I love and appreciate Julie as a friend, mentor and guide in my Universe. She always helps us to find a way, and explore possibilities.

— Michaela

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Celebrating the Hairst : a visual poem for the autumn equinox

 Autumn is the most poetic of seasons, wouldn't you agree? As we prepare to greet this latest juncture in our eight-fold year - the Autumn Equinox on Monday 23rd Sept - I was inspired to create a video poem in tribute. No great, sweeping epic - rather a modest...

Circles + Symbols : Organic Clothing + Accessories

At Lughnasadh I launched Circles and Symbols : an organic clothing + accessories line. Art. Merchandise. Fashion. Pretty controversial topics, especially when you combine them ... So many thoughts I could share. So many points upon which to disagree with...

Merry Making at Lughnasadh, the Lammas Fairs + Personal Mythology

Oh, yes - can you feel it? A perceptible sigh ... a letting down of energies ... a downwards shift ... a ripening ... Here in Scotland, it's Lughnasadh, or Lammas - the first of the harvest festivals and another gateway in our eight-fold year. Marking the...
Mandalas with Meaning

MODULE ONE FREE (limited time!)

Mandalas with Meaning is a series of workshops that explores the true mandala.

An online, video-based workshop series, Autumn 2019, Module One FREE for a limited time only.

Transmission Mandala

CIRCLE as symbol : The Sacred Geometry of Mandala Art + Designs

What does mandala art, sacred geometry + modern psychology have in common?

This article reveals the background of the enigmatic mandala symbol + why it can be such a valuable tool in your contemporary creative practice.

Read more + become inspired to connect your inner self with your external experience as you develop meaningful mandala art + create culture in a new/old way.


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