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Julie Gibbons has no equivalents! She has created a meaningful, unique program that I cannot get enough of. This is my 3rd year to be working with her material and with her. There is always more to explore and learn, further depth that she finds in mandalas and art journaling and inquiry. Her voice and video presence is superb, videos are high quality and I always feel she is offering so much value for the price I pay; the investment you make in her classes is returned many times over.  could go on and on about Julie and her work in the world. On top of that, she is herself an inspiring and talented artist, and I love seeing all of her creations. If you are considering working with Julie and her programs, I highly encourage you to sign up. 


Julie Gibbons is a heart centred and generous art mentor. She offers support and a wealth of information and materials. Because of my participation in her mandala programs, I have grown spiritually and artistically, feeling more confident, competent and courageous as an artist and human being. I love and appreciate Julie as a friend, mentor and guide in my Universe. She always helps us to find a way, and explore possibilities.


Julie is such a grounded, thoughtful, and heart-centered teacher. I learn so much more than just the mandala form.


This is my second year of Mandala classes with Julie. From my perspective the journey has provided a safe, sacred, enriching container for self exploration. I am growing and changing personally and the classes seem to reflect this as well. My journey has become deeper and more meaningful over time because of the time I spend in class & in my mandala journal. I have learned to take the prompts and express them sometimes in my own way as opposed to following the directions to a T. Listening to Julie talk provides a warm inviting nurturing space. The underlying presence of ritual, sacredness, authenticity, and connection to nature with her beauty & gifts makes the journey even richer. Julie provides a rich sacred container for our journey. I am grateful for having given myself this growth opportunity. I am grateful to Julie as well for all love, inspiration & wisdom that she so graciously provides in each detail of her classes.


Julie is generous with her time, talent and experience, inviting a deeper dive into the art of mandala making that is helpful, insightful and fun.


Julie’s presentation of the videos is done in such a relaxed manner that it’s like a meditation in itself. She is clear and concise with instructions but there is also scope to do your own interpretation. This workshop is a fabulous tool of self discovery and there is no right or wrong way, only your way.


I can not express my gratitude in the work we are doing and the experience I am feeling.


Mandala Magic Alignment

Join me to explore the symbols + rhythm of the 8-fold year in your art journal + beyond.

In Mandala Magic : ALIGNMENT we will return to an old way of being, in new ways.

Marking the festivals of each solstice + equinox, together with the four quarter days of ancient Scotland and beyond, we will work magic by way of heedfulness.

Together, we will connect to a slower rhythm + create meaningful art as we follow the solar cycle through story-telling, mandala-making + journaling.

Mandala Magic : ALIGNMENT is an invitation to your curious, creative and capable self to honour a natural rhythm in your creative process.


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