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Here, the work is a process of

relocation + reconnection | relating + remembering

by means of understanding

connecting SOIL + SOUL

Julie Gibbons is a heart centred and generous art mentor. She offers support and a wealth of information and materials. Because of my participation in her mandala programs, I have grown spiritually and artistically, feeling more confident, competent and courageous as an artist and human being. I love and appreciate Julie as a friend, mentor and guide in my Universe. She always helps us to find a way, and explore possibilities.

— Michaela

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Join me to explore the symbols + rhythm of the 8-fold year in your art journal + beyond.

In Mandala Magic : ALIGNMENT we will return to an old way of being, in new ways.

Marking the quarter days of each solstice + equinox, together with the four fire festivals of ancient Scotland and beyond, we will work magic by way of heedfulness.

Together, we will connect to the old ways + create meaningful art as we follow the solar cycle through story-telling, mandala-making + journaling.

Mandala Magic : ALIGNMENT is an invitation to your curious, creative and capable self to honour a natural rhythm in your creative process.


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Listen, Learn and Speak the Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig) and Scots Leid (language)

When I was wee, we were often told to 'speak properly' and that meant that 'aye' became 'yes' and 'naw' became 'no.' We were led to believe that the words we used in the playground were improper. At primary school in the 1970's, the only time we were allowed to speak...

Heart Medicine from Autumn Equinox to Samhuinn (Samhain)

The wheel of the year revolves through another cycle - from Autumn Equinox to Samhuinn (Samhain.) Please enjoy this celebration of relationship, a love affair with all that is, despite all that is! Another visual poem on film from my home in Scotland. Features a visit...

ASHES to ASHES : a guided art ritual at Samhuinn (Samhain)

Here in Scotland there is no doubt that this cross-quarter day in the 8-fold year has been marked since time out of mind. In the Scots Gaelic it is Samhuinn, a festival later Christianised as All Hallow's Eve, transported over the ocean to the Americas and brought...
Transmission Mandala

CIRCLE as symbol : The Sacred Geometry of Mandala Art + Designs

What does mandala art, sacred geometry + modern psychology have in common?

This article reveals the background of the enigmatic mandala symbol + why it can be such a valuable tool in your contemporary creative practice.

Read more + become inspired to connect your inner self with your external experience as you develop meaningful mandala art + create culture in a new/old way.


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