Valentine's Artventure

Gather in circle for an extraordinary ARTventure this St Valentine’s Day and enjoy a heady mix of lush chocolate, sensuous dance and art-making in the company of twelve creative women.

Co-facilitated by theunique qualities of ceremonial cacao, this event will help break down the barriers of meeting your own gaze in the mirror and allow you to express your unique Being using a self-portrait technique anyone can master.

Cacao Ceremony

Indigenous cultures throughout the ages have used chocolate in a ceremonial context and we’ll be creating our own ceremony using the finest ceremonial grade raw cacao from Bali.

This elixir provides an alchemical transformation in the body which co-faciliates an embodied experience like no other. Combined with sensual dance, this heart-opening experience prepares us to meet our own gaze in the mirror.

Self Portraits

Self portraits can seem scary to most of us, but they provide a unique insight into our psyche by combining how we see ourselves with the act of expressing what we see.

Our ARTventure introduces a quick, fun and easy method for the construction of a self-portrait that everyone can master in minutes! You don’t need to be ‘good at drawing’ to participate – you only need to be prepared to meet your own gaze!

Sunday 14th Feb 2016

Get Down Dog
62 Newhaven Road

11.30 am – 5.00pm


Event Cost = £60

Book Your Place

Confirm your attendance at this event by making a 50% deposit.

Further instructions will be emailed to you 7 days prior to the event.

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to bring?
  1. Wear comfortable, layered clothing suitable for moving around in.
  2. Yoga mat, blanket and cushion for nesting/resting in the space.
  3. 2-litre bottle of drinking water.
  4. Drawing paper or pad, at least A4-sized (you’ll need multiple sheets.)
  5. Colouring pens or pencils (please don’t bring paints!)
  6. Pedestal mirror or hand mirror.
  7. Journal + pen.
  8. Vegetarian snacks for sharing afterwards.
Are there contra-indications with raw cacao?

Cacao is a wonderful and safe way to experience chocolate as a sacred plant teacher, however it is best not to use in ceremonial dose in the following circumstances;

  • If you’re using antidepressant medication.
  • You suffer from a serious heart condition.
  • You are known to have very low blood pressure.
  • You’re undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Any other serious illness.


How complicated will the dance part be?

The focus will be on establishing a sensuous connection with our bodies throughout. Each of us will move according to our own internal rhythms, guided by a specially created sonic soundscape.

I haven't drawn faces since primary school. Will this be too hard for me?

That’s perfect! This event is not about creating self-portraits for anyone else to look at and the portraits are created using a technique that anyone can master in a matter of minutes! You’re likely to be surprised and delighted at the results!

I don't have any art supplies at home - which type should I buy?

Don’t spend too much money! Any ordinary coloured pens, pencils and even crayons will work. Same goes for paper – ordinary printer paper will work fine.

That being said, I will be using Letraset Promarkers. These are alcohol-based markers that offer great results for blending, especially combined with specially designed marker pad paper. If you also want to use alcohol markers, remember to bring a water-based black (or other colour) marker for outlining.

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