I Am, I Am, I Am : A celebration of you!

An art journal adventure for mixed media beginners
online workshop

i am i am iam

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”
writes Sylvia Plath in the final pages of her novel,  The Bell Jar.

During this self-paced workshop, we will celebrate our aliveness through our very own heart’s brag – in the form of a mixed media altered book.

Perfect for beginners, this workshop demonstrates easy mixed media techniques using basic art materials.

Delivered in video format, with added PDF instructions for download (including full supplies list) the workshop includes a bonus lesson on how to record your story (read your ‘storybook’) on video and upload to YouTube.

Live the Dream

Here’s a story book  I created last year which uses some of the techniques we will explore:

Juli LyonsJulie has a magical presence. By being with her you feel you have nourished your soul. She connects deeply with you and brings you in touch with the sacred of the moment. She listens with her heart and her wisdom. Joy and discernment are her ready companions. To recognize and honour the sacredness of life’s journey is her mission. Self-knowledge and the exploration of our soul’s messages discovered through creativity and the arts are her media for growth and connection to spirit. ~ Juli Lyons

Why make an altered book?

Divine Women

Most art journals take a long while to get finished. For the beginner, this can be frustrating, as it seems to take forever to complete our first journal!

Making our own story book can take as little as one day and at the end of that time, we end up with an amazing piece of personalised art that really means something. It’s a beautiful art object created by you to celebrate you!

Have you ever noticed that blank journals and notebooks cost way more than a printed book? As something of a journal addict, this always makes me laugh – I’m forever buying journals on sale.

In this workshop, we utilize a a cheap and cheerful children’s book, so our costs are kept low. We’re also doing our bit for upcycling!

Quick! Easy! Cheap! Three of my favourite words 😉

Tania Stearns Smith“I appreciate your wisdom and vulnerability that shone through in your video. Your beautiful soul shone through your hands and the words you spoke.” Tania Stearns-Smith



What themes will we work with?

Your book can celebrate any aspect of you that you choose. In the example above, I tackled the story of my mid-life crisis!

In the workshop, we’ll use seven life categories to highlight the best bits of our lives in the present moment.

I will talk about these categories from my personal perspective, using themes like dharma (life purpose) and the Divine Feminine. The workshop is suitable for participants from any faith and will not contain any controversial material. Take a look through my YouTube channel or Blog history to see if I’m talking your language 🙂

What mixed media art techniques will we cover?

    • Create and prepare an altered book.
    • Make a variety of mixed media backgrounds.
    • Use everyday household items for stamps.
    • Recycle food packaging and more for collage elements.
    • Make a paper doll version of you.
    • Paint over collage (optional.)
    • Acrylic photo transfer technique (optional.)
    • Found Inspirations journaling.


A full supplies list will be available before you begin. You don’t need any specialist art supplies to participate but a basic kit of mixed media supplies will be useful;

    • craft acrylic paints
    • paint brushes
    • coloured markers
    • wax crayons
    • printed patterned papers
    • magazines
    • photographs of you and your family
    • scissors
    • glue stick
    • PVA glue / gel medium /mod podge
    • white gesso primer
    • expired keycards
    • collection of food packaging

Nicola WilsonThe videos of you creating your mandala are incredible. I love seeing how you process and work (if that makes sense). Some of the things you write about and speak about in the course material make me go “yes, yes!” I think people should know how much time, energy, investigation, openness and sharing you put into each one, not just the material but the preparation you do before hand. Thank you Julie, for such a wonderful ecourse, I’m very grateful for it. ~ Nicola Wilson

What’s included?


Each lesson comes complete with a downloadable PDF and contains at least one demonstration video:

    • Lesson One : Create and prepare our altered book
    • Lesson Two : Storyboard our personal narrative, using journaling techniques based on seven life categories
    • Lesson Three : Collage our storybook using everyday items
    • Bonus Lesson : Record our storybook on video and upload to YouTube (all videos added to the class playlist)
    • Private Facebook Group for all class participants

 When is it?


Be sure to sign up for newsletter updates to find out dates for the next session!


  1. Hi Julie, I’d love to see more demonstrations on how to make backgrounds that are coherent. In all your videos, you make it look so easy but I find my efforts often end up chaotic and mud-coloured, rather than vibrant and colourful. Though possibly that reflects my state of mind, right now, lol – food for thought!!
    As you know, I am deeply into the Great Round of Mandala as a creative tool and I’m loving the experimental nature of the Daisy Yellow ICAD, but I still struggle with collage and mixed media. Looking forward to a more structured approach 🙂
    Love Tamsyn xx

    • Honoured to have you join another class, Tamsyn! Look forward to sharing beautiful backgrounds with you on this next phase 🙂 xo

  2. Looking forward to being able to join in on this one Julie. 🙂 Have signed up.

    • So looking forward to working with you Margaret – thanks for signing up 🙂 xo

  3. What’s wrong with me Julie? I tried several times to click the Buy now button, all I get is my Paypal Home page, and nowhere can I see how to buy this. I’m frustrated! I tried both on the iPhone and here on the computer. No way… can we do it differently?

    • Aargh – sorry you’re having trouble, Nadine. Please try again – I re-entered the PayPal code in case there was a problem with it. Would love to see you there xo

      • It’s great, it worked! Thank you! Looking forward to it now. xo

      • Yay! thank you 🙂

  4. Every time I read this description I feel a tug on my heart. This course is for me, I feel it deep in my core. Somehow I will find the time to do this along with the Great Round. So signing up now… xx

    • Oh Sharon! This made my heart sing! Yay and thank you xo

  5. Hello Julie,
    I watched the storybook Clip twice in a row and still have the goosebumps … Such a wonderful idea and creation and deeply inspiring. Therefore I hope you’ll offer this Workshop again some time.
    Best, Nicole

    • Thanks so much Nicole! I’m not sure when I Am, I Am, I Am may make another appearance… but I’ll be sure to announce it if it does!


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