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Mandalas call to your soul. You feel them pull on the weave of the fabric of your Being, and more often than not, you don’t know why.

This is because the mandala is an archetypal form which resides in the collective unconscious. It is both a representation of the cosmos and an expression of it, brought to life by Life itself.

I’m always amazed at how many people have fixed opinions on what mandalas are, and what they’re for – and for each person with a fixed opinion, there are also plenty for whom this powerful archetypal symbol has simply passed by… Family members who are a little less removed from my everyday world of myth and magic ask me, “Is that one of your circle things?” when they visit my studio.

My favourite moment of connection is when someone enquires about what I do for a living, or what type of art I make. When I explain that I teach the exploration of twelve archetypes of self through mandala art to women across the globe, there’s always a great amount of interest and intrigue.

But it is true that in most cases, conversations around self-discovery, psychology and art lessons on the internet seem to flow much more readily than those about archetypes, myth and the language of symbols.

Of course they do! By their very nature, these other subjects are largely missing from the mass of our cultural consciousness and therefore only attract the attention of those on a quest for something less ordinary.

You see, mandalas are a symbolic language, and they help us grasp and express the mysterious forces that we find running through the currents of our lives. They allow us to fathom the otherwise unfathomable.

Learning how to wield them is a gift that answers the call of a sometimes unrecognised yearning from the depths of our very Being.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Here are some kind words from beautiful people …

“Spending time with Julie is like coming home to your self. You have entered a sacred space where you feel treasured and heard. Julie honours your presence. She listens deeply. She walks softly and carries a huge heart. She nurtures the sacred in life. Every day. In the moment. She honours her life’s journey, and by doing so honours each of our individual journeys.”

Juli Lyons

“Thank you thank you for the Found Inspirations guide! I’ve connected so deeply with your story. Your process and style clicks right into my heart. Love it!”

Shelley Noyes

“I appreciate your wisdom and vulnerability that shone through in your video. Your beautiful soul shone through your hands and the words you spoke.”

Tania Stearns-Smith

“Thanks Julie! Your skills are many, your wonderful presence in word, voice and form the bedrock of this journey.”

Ness Churn

“In Mandala Magic Julie will guide you to explore yourself in new ways and from new angles using the lens of mandala art.”

Mary Ann Minha

This method of Artful Self Discovery is really amazing. Thank you Julie!

Laura Harms

“I would recommend your course to anyone who was looking to explore themselves a bit more and who wanted something a bit different from the more usual self-help manuals. I think it’s a very intuitive way of doing deep work. Seeing you demonstrate techniques and ‘thinking out loud’ as you choose colours and apply paint is like having you in the room teaching.”

Tamsyn Stanton

“The videos of you creating your mandala are incredible. I love seeing how you process and work (if that makes sense). Some of the things you write about and speak about in the course material make me go “yes, yes!” I think people should know how much time, energy, investigation, openness and sharing you put into each one, not just the material but the preparation you do before hand. Thank you Julie, for such a wonderful ecourse, I’m very grateful for it.”

Nicola Wilson

“I’ve always had a hard time feeling like I fit in. I’m in continual recovery from divorce and the need to find out where I am, who I am, etc now that one of my major life roles has ended. By doing the exercises and the journaling that results from them, I’m feeling like I’m headed for some of my answers and I’m enjoying your accent tremendously!”

Joni Bowers

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