Mandala Magic 2017

Mandala Magic is a Year-Long Online Art + Journaling Program

which explores the twelve stages of the Great Round of Mandala.

Each month you receive access to a rich and varied treasury of resources that allows you to undertake a guided, meaningful exploration into your selfhood, using the mandala form as your guide.

During the twelve months you uncover and connect with your unique collection of (and attraction to) symbols and archetypes  – your personal mythology, revealed and contained in the form of mandala.

When you understand this mythical language (that of the psyche itself) your connection with the greatest mystery of all (your very existence) will deepen.

From this state, you become truly empowered and will discover that the choices you make in your everyday life are grounded in true psychological freedom.

According to Dr Carl Jung, a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of Self. During this program you will learn how to design, construct  and interpret many different types of mandala – and engage fully in your symbolic life.

The project will focus on developing your art journaling process and learning how to communicate with your mandalas and the pages in which they rest.

Who Are You?

  • You are an awakening woman.
  • Being creative is a therapeutic exercise for you.
  • Mandala art attracts and fascinates you.
  • You wish to learn the symbolic language of myth, dreams and archetypes.
  • You many not identify with being an artist, but want to cultivate a creative response to your personal development work.
  • Art therapy as a self help technique appeals to you.
  • You prefer to explore the psychology of self in a creative environment.
  • You know that you’re ready to deepen your art journal practice and would welcome some guidance and group support.

Together We Will

  • Explore the 12 archetypal stages of the Great Round of Mandala.
  • Create (at least) 12 archetypal Mandalas.
  • Develop our mandala knowledge.
  • Activate our unconscious wisdom.
  • Uncover our personal symbology.
  • Reveal the patterns and designs of our emerging Self.
  • Learn how to interpret our creations.
  • Explore the psychology of self.
  • Connect with our intuitive creativity.
  • Establish a monthly art journal practice.
  • Inspire our journey towards wholeness.
  • Participate in a private Facebook group (optional.)
  • Gather together for virtual circle time (optional.)

What You Receive

  • Detailed Getting Started information pack, including supplies list.
  • Monthly welcome videos.
  • Video Introduction to the archetypal stage for the month.
  • Introduction to an aspect of the psychology of self or art therapy.
  • Downloadable Art demonstration videos.
  • Downloadable PDF Guidebook (approx 25 page, full colour) with step-by-step instructions.
  • Alternative mandala exercises + instructions inspired by each stage.
  • Before and after journal prompts for guided reflection.
  • Lovingly crafted sonic mandala (audio playlist) for each stage.
  • Corresponding list of further recommended resources.


Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an artist – this program is for creative women of all kinds, however experienced – and you do know that you are creative, don’t you?

You don’t even need to have a truck load of artist’s supplies to join in and your getting started information pack will contain a list of basic supplies that you’ll need to take full advantage of each of the exercises.

That being said, if you do have a truckload of supplies – and know how to use them – you’re going to have a ball!

Please do know that this project is not about teaching mixed media art techniques, although I will share my approach and techniques in the demonstration videos.

This work is ALL about the process, not the end product and there’s never any requirement to share your mandala creations unless you want to.


The Archetypal Stages of the Great Round of Mandala is a concept developed by art therapist and founder of the MARI® (Mandala Assessment Research Institute), Joan Kellogg.

She developed her studies of Jung’s theories in parallel with her own work as a mandala artist to form the basis of significant psychiatric therapy research.

That research resulted in the Great Round of Mandala – an identification of twelve different types of mandala that correspond to a particular stage of life cycle development.

The Mandala Magic 2017 programme follows Kellogg’s cycle of twelve archetypal stages, in which all of our life experiences are said to be experienced.

As we fulfil our potential towards wholeness, we revolve around the twelve stages of this cycle, meeting our true Self stage-by-stage.

December 5th : Bonus lesson + Getting Started Information

January 1st : Stage One : Void

February 1st : Stage Two : Bliss

March 1st : Stage Three : Labyrinth/Spiral

April 1st : Stage Four : Beginning

May 1st : Stage Five : Target

June 1st : Stage Six : Dragonfight

July 1st : Stage Seven : Squaring the Circle

August 1st : Stage Eight : The Functioning Ego

September 1st : Stage Nine : Crystallisation

October 1st : Stage Ten : Gates of Death

November 1st : Stage Eleven : Fragmentation

December 1st : Stage Twelve : Transcendent Ecstasy


A small sample of contributions from previous Mandala Magicians.
I have become far more connected and listening of both my body and my inner being. The course has played a significant role in this and the nurturing and encouraging facilitation from Julie and the other soul sisters on this journey this year has been profound in helping me explore the depths of my being. Jacqui Dunbar

Mandala Magic is a beautiful journey, unique to you and your dance of life. I’ve gained a depth of self-acceptance and appreciation that I did not expect. In addition to the process of The Great Round, I learned so much about mandalas, how they are made, the symbology behind them, and had a lot of fun, too! The depth of understanding that Julie Gibbons has and shares with her students is so generous. She is a delightful teacher, and her videos always put a smile on my face and a make me giggle, too. I highly recommend this course. The price of the year long membership is well worth it. You will not be disappointed. Kathleen Harrington

Mandala Magic truly was magical and transformative for me! I loved learning about each stage, but more importantly I learned so much about myself. MM provided a framework from which I could apply the meaningful content to my own life as transformation tools. Truly enlightening for me and my personal growth. Kristina Priest

It’s been such a magical year attending the Mandala Magic 2015, I have deepened my self discoveries, my soul search, and my creative abilities through the inspiration that Julie has given us as a group, and that we, the members of the group have given each other. My creativity has really blossomed on a personal level. Never have I’ve created more art than this year. The inner urge to draw and paint has blossomed tremendously, I am now an artist in my heart and on a daily basis. Oly Jacobsen

I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking to spark their creativity and go deeper. This is a no pressure, loving environment. I had some stuff happen in life this year and got a bit behind in the work, but I found that even though I wasn’t “on task” the work I was doing was “on point” for where I was in my life. How wonderful!  There is so much encouragement from Julie and the other participants.  A truly supportive, creative women’s circle. Lisa Bourgon

Spiritual and artistic lessons all beautifully entwined. A joyful journey I look forward to unveiling each month. Kris Briede

This is my third year doing Mandala Magic with Julie. What I can say for certain is that each year has been enlightening, and each lesson timely. I’m constantly amazed at how each mandala teaches me something new about myself and my situation. I find comfort in the container, and I am so honoured to be a part of this gorgeous circle again. Laura Harms

The Mandala Magic course is truly magical! I have learned so much about myself which has led me to a new way of approaching creative blocks, my feelings & my triggers. I have learned to be more aware & actually be more present in my everyday life. Julie has a beautiful, nurturing & calm spirit that has guided us so gently & effectively through each stage. Each month there is a wealth of well organized, thorough & fascinating presentations & resources. I highly recommend this course! Patrica Dattoma

Learning about the Great Round from Julie has been an honour. Julie is a brilliant teacher and the knowledge she had imparted has profoundly impacted every facet of my life. I would especially encourage those who do not consider themselves to be “arty” enough to give this course a chance. I’ve never before considered myself to have any artistic talent and didn’t find any of the activities particularly difficult – yet I have art that I created in each stage that I proudly display on my walls. Rebecca Sjövold

As I dive deeper into Julie’s offerings by participating in Mandala Magic for a second time, I am in awe of the beauty and depth of the work Julie generously offers. Each lesson has woven its way into my life in a profound and healing way, helping me see parts of myself that had been hidden and become a more whole and embodied being on this planet. This is so much more than a mandala creativity course – it is an exploration for the mind, body, heart and spirit. Julie’s dedication and devotion to this work is remarkable and inspiring. She is a gifted facilitator and invites us to show up wherever we are, however we are. It has been such a treat and gift to experience this course a second time. Eleni Livitsanos

Julie Gibbons has a very gentle and spiritual way of teaching the different stages of the Great Round of the Mandala. Her videos are very informational and really help you learn how to create each Mandala from the comfort of your own home. It is fun to leave each month with a beautiful Mandala reflecting the energy of that stage of the Great Round. Colleayn Klaibourne

Mandala Magic has opened up a whole new way of using my creative practice to complement self exploration. Julie is such a generous facilitator. I am so glad I have given myself this gift. Carlene Simmons


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class designed for?
Mandala Magic is designed for awakening women who wish to explore the psychology of self using art + journal therapy techniques, realised in mandala form. 
Do I need to be able to draw to complete this class?

You don’t need to be “good at art” to take part in Mandala Magic, although you’ll get the most out of it if you already enjoy creative exercises and have a desire to create drawings and images that carry meaning for you.

The program focusses on the process of using art to explore your psyche – and uncover your true nature, so there is no pressure to produce any result other that the one that arises.

If you are an artist who wishes to explore the basics of mandala construction and learn more about different theories and the symbolism behind the form, then you’ll be off to a head start and will romp through the content!

What supplies do I need to participate?

You will definitely need a journal, sketchbook or other paper upon which to create your mandalas. You can make it as fancy or ordinary as you like – this is your mandala experience.

I prefer to use sketchbooks designed for art, rather than journals designed for writing. These come in a variety of types and sizes – my favourite is a UK size A4 or a US size 12″x9” and I like the books made by Stillman & Birn (Zeta series) and Strathmore.

You can use a smaller book or paper, but you’ll find it quite limiting and soon feel the need to expand!

You will definitely need a compass, a pencil, a ruler and an eraser.

Additionally, you’ll need something to colour in your work. That can be as simple as some basic children’s art supplies – like coloured pencils or felt pens.

Although it’s tempting to go out and collect a whole boatload of new shiny supplies, it’s always best to interpret the lessons to make use of the supplies you already have, before you discover what supplies you actually want to work with.

You’ll be given a full list of supplies demonstrated throughout the year + where to buy them.

How long will each lesson take?

Depending on your experience, you’ll need to allocate up to two – three hours to watch each of the lessons and complete your own mandala.

There is additional reading material for you to enjoy, with recommend resources to follow up with, so you can expand the work if you choose.

Can I join in from my city?

This workshop is delivered to you online, so as long as you have a valid email address and are able to access a computer with internet access, you are able to participate from anywhere in the world.

The content will be delivered on my website with a mix of writing and some video, so you will additionally need to be able to stream video and audio. I use Vimeo to host videos, so please make sure you are able to view their videos.

Do I need to attend classes in real time?
The content is hosted on the website for you to access at your own pace. There’s no need to show up at a specific time, so you won’t miss out if you’re in a different time zone, or need to login after your day’s work.
What happens when I register?
  1. Sign up today + receive your PayPal receipt.
  2. Look out for a confirmation email from me within 7 days, with details of next steps.
  3. You’ll be invited to the Getting Started information + Bonus Lesson on 5th December.
  4. The first lesson proper begins January 1st 2017

Still have questions?

Send me an email using the contact form and I’ll reply as soon as I’m able 🙂


Registration will open soon!
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