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Creative healing is something we’re all capable of – it isn’t the exclusive domain of artists, writers or therapists. You don’t even need to be going through crisis. Whoever you are, whatever circumstances you face, you can use it to process your reactions to life and to demonstrate the free expression of your true self. And because each of us is unique, that expression comes in many different forms. The methods I choose on a daily basis include art journaling and holistic writing – but the exciting thing is that creativity is limitless.

What benefits can you expect from creative healing?

It is a powerful and practical psychotherapy which offers both sanctuary and celebration. You can combine mindfulness with uninhibited expression. Some people might use it to create new behaviours and let go of old habits. If the gap between the perception of yourself and the reality of your actions is too large, then you become stressed, unsettled and dissatisfied with your life; creative healing allows you to close the gap.

closing the gap

How do you get started with creative healing?

Creative healing requires effort. You must consciously engage in the process. Even if that process is designed to separate you from your ego and awaken the power of your subconsciousness (methods such as free-writing, meditation, yoga or painting are often the most powerful forms of healing) you will need to make the consciously commitment to step into a new paradigm.

You don’t need any special training or much equipment to get started with most methods, however, some guidance is helpful. In addition to keeping myself accountable,  I write blog posts to demonstrate my own techniques and progress, which you can use for inspiration.

You can also explore my range of creative exercises, workshops and books.

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julie gibbons silent witness
Art journaling as a creative healing technique

Art journaling is an almost daily habit I use to reveal hidden patterns and secrets. It provides healing and comfort in the safest environment of all – for me and me alone.

In the journal I am at ease. ~ Anaïs Nin

Anyone can do it anytime and anywhere! You can make an art journal – or call it a creative journal, if art makes you nervous – from almost any type of book. And there really is no requirement for clever drawing or painting skills – you can see from the examples on this page that my arting is really quite basic!

busy bee picture making and writing - pup

The breakthroughs that occur are achieved through activating your very powerful subconscious : using your hands allows you to free up your mind. Achieving a pretty piece of art is not the desired outcome. The desired outcome is to become non-judgemental, unguarded and truthful.  Your page may not even make sense to you at first – it might be incoherent or incomplete. The real magic is in the process.

At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process come from a single source. ~ Dr Rachel Naomi Remen

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Here’s a slideshow of some of my art journal entries:

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