Julie's Journal

This stage of Beginning

It’s all going on here – albeit at a comfortable pace! Lots of action on the domestic front as we implement this new phase of family life without a teenager ever-present. Evenings and weekends spent clearing out, cleaning up and redecorating. It’s... read more

Spiralling in and out of the Labyrinth

Spiralling in and out of the Labyrinth It isn’t that I didn’t do the work for Stage Three of Mandala Magic – it’s more that I didn’t get around to recording the evidence of it! Returning from a short trip to Marrakesh at the end of... read more

This stage of Bliss …

The second stage of the Great Round of Mandala (which provides our framework for Mandala Magic) is called Bliss. This stage sees us grow in awareness, open to relationship and languorously enjoy the prospect of endless possibility. Soft light filters through to shine... read more

Creating with the Void and David Bowie

The fourth year of my personal exploration into the Great Round of Mandala and there’s been zero inspiration for me to follow the exercises I’ve created for the Mandala Magic program. What to do instead? I’ll be completing the canvas project, for... read more

Back by Popular Demand!

So many requests from folk who missed the deadline to register for Mandala Magic 2016, so I’ve reopened for a limited time. This really is your last chance to join this beloved program – registration is open until 8th January. Would love to see you there!... read more

InstaMandala 2015

It’s been a year of big medicine, this 2015. So much medicine for the year that I announced #iamtrulymadlydeeply. Looking back, I can see now how that hashtag most definitely manifested throughout the seasons. Big medicine and distinctly few words to... read more

Yin Realm Mandala of Fragmentation

I was late getting around to my Stage Eleven mandala for this year’s Mandala Magic program and I wasn’t sure what I would do when I sat down to get to it. This month sees us work with the archetypal force that is fragmentation – a time when... read more

Mandalas to colour in

Running this biz can sometimes take me away from my personal practice when it comes to mandalas and art journaling and this last while has amplified that to the nth degree! It was good to monitor emails and take care of admin whilst also finding time for a wee bit of... read more

The Five Days of Mandala Magic is in full swing!

Phew! It’s been non-stop here in the studio as on Monday I welcomed over 2100 creative souls to the extravaganza that is the Five Days of Mandala Magic… Learning from last year’s experience, I built in a free day between Days Three and Four. Partly... read more

A new website after months of silence!

This website has not been feeling like a welcoming place to me for such a long time. So much has been happening inside this woman who’s writing these words that it’s been impossible to align myself with the look and feel of what was here. So I’ve... read more

Mandala Magic Art as Product

I’m never done saying it. Mandala Magic is all about the process. It isn’t about the product i.e. it doesn’t matter what the end result looks like. This is what makes art as Self exploration so valuable – anyone can do it! The past two years... read more

Ceremonial Mandala with the MM2015 circle

The word mandala literally means “association,” “society.” ~ Chogyam Trungpa Coming together in circle, occupying the intentional space together – this is one example of the mandala principle – and a key factor behind my inspiration... read more

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