You’re OK You’re OK You’re OK

by Julie Gibbons on December 4, 2014

Seventh Veil extract

We're in circle, each of us taking our turn to try and express the ineffable, and she says, "I have some words, would you mind if I share?" The circle leans in towards her, at the same time each individual body sinks further into the ground underneath. Some of us smiling and nodding, some with eyes closed, ...

My Artist’s Story (a conversation with Connie Hozvicka)

by Julie Gibbons on December 3, 2014

21 secrets conversation

I love Connie Hozvicka, there's just no two ways about it. When Connie asked me to lead a workshop in 21 Secrets 2014, I did not hesitate to say yes. When Connie asked me to spend time in conversation with her about my Artist's Story, I jumped at the opportunity. You can catch the results of that chat ...

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A Cacao Gathering (and a prize draw winner)

by Julie Gibbons on December 1, 2014

and the winner is

It was a magical birthday weekend, and I spent the entirety of it not working - yay! Instead, I spent the time with loved ones and dear soul sisters. I'm still basking in the haze of it all, if I'm honest :) I didn't forget about running a birthday giveaway this year, though - I just decided to ...

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free mandala workshop

Wanna join in? Hop on over to the sign up page! Before you go, please consider helping to sprinkle the mandala magic by sharing this invitation with all who may be interested - friends, family, Facebook groups, Pinterest boards - everyone is welcome here, and the more the merrier! Some ways you can do that easily are: Share the YouTube video code ...

Taking a class

by Julie Gibbons on October 20, 2014

prehistoric circles mandala

I've been following San Francisco based artist, Lisa Congdon on Instagram for a while now and love her style. She recently shared that she had a class available on Creative Bug and that it was free on sign up, so on one of those days in the studio when I wanted to be creative but ...

When I Close My Eyes

by Julie Gibbons on October 7, 2014

Close My Eyes

I was following a thread on the web and saw an art journal prompt by Jenafer Joy for this paint-over-self-portrait which I knew I wanted to try out straight away. So I did. Here's what happened! It felt really good to loosen up ...

From National Sovereignty to Sovereignty of Self

by Julie Gibbons on September 30, 2014

Saor Alba Art

That night - A Night for Scotland - was one of the best moments of 2014 so far - three thousand folk gathered in Edinburgh's Usher Hall to see performances from leading performers, including Eddi Reader, Stanley Odd, Franz Ferdinand and Mogwai. The audience and the performers were all there to support a Yes vote in ...

And the winner is …

by Julie Gibbons on September 25, 2014


A great big thank you to everyone who entered the Radiant : Faces giveaway! I'm extra happy that the beautiful Dawn Zichko won the Radiant : Faces giveaway, because she did so by entering her coloured in version of the Goddess Free Printable! The selection process is automatically handled by Rafflecopter, so anyone who entered ...

Reclaiming the Goddess as Symbol – Radiant:Faces Giveaway!

by Julie Gibbons on September 17, 2014

Radiant Goddess Complete signed

The workshop I'm teaching as part of Effy Wild's collaborative exercise Radiant:Faces is all about reclaiming the Goddess as symbol and I've got a free place to give away! But before I go into detail about how you can enter to win, I'd love to share some more about the workshop with you. What's Goddess Got ...


Primal Mother Mandala

During our summer road trip house swap adventure we ended up swapping homes with an artist. She was particularly interested in and worked with indigenous Australian art (or Aboriginal art.) I didn't know it, but this was to have a huge impact on me. It all began one rainy day on our swap as I was watercolour ...