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Julie Gibbons Painting

Spending time with Julie is like coming home to your self. You have entered a sacred space where you feel treasured and heard. Julie honours your presence. She listens deeply. She walks softly and carries a huge heart. She nurtures the sacred in life. Every day. In the moment. She honours her life’s journey, and by doing so honours each of our individual journeys. ~ Juli Lyons

The videos of you creating your mandala are incredible. I love seeing how you process and work (if that makes sense). Some of the things you write about and speak about in the course material make me go “yes, yes!” I think people should know how much time, energy, investigation, openness and sharing you put into each one, not just the material but the preparation you do before hand. Thank you Julie, for such a wonderful ecourse, I’m very grateful for it. ~ Nicola Wilson

Thank you thank you for the found inspirations guide! Your process and style clicks right into my heart. Love it! ~ Shelley Noyes

I am so excited to introduce you to my dear friend Julie! She is such a beautiful creative spirit & spiritual goddess all wrapped into one. Spending time with Julie is nurturing, relaxing, creative, time passes too quickly when we’re together. ~ Lisa DeYoung

I would recommend your course to anyone who was looking to explore themselves a bit more and who wanted something a bit different from the more usual self-help manuals. I think it’s a very intuitive way of doing deep work. Seeing you demonstrate techniques and ‘thinking out loud’ as you choose colours and apply paint is like having you in the room teaching. ~ Tamsyn Stanton

“I appreciate your wisdom and vulnerability that shone through in your video. Your beautiful soul shone through your hands and the words you spoke.” Tania Stearns-Smith

I’ve always had a hard time feeling like I fit in. I’m in continual recovery from divorce and the need to find out where I am, who I am, etc now that one of my major life roles has ended. By doing the exercises and the journaling that results from them, I’m feeling like I’m headed for some of my answers and I’m enjoying your accent tremendously! ~ Joni Bowers

Julie has a magical presence. By being with her you feel you have nourished your soul. She connects deeply with you and brings you in touch with the sacred of the moment. She listens with her heart and her wisdom. Joy and discernment are her ready companions. To recognize and honour the sacredness of life’s journey is her mission. Self-knowledge and the exploration of our soul’s messages discovered through creativity and the arts are her media for growth and connection to spirit. ~ Juli Lyons

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