Hello, I’m Julie Gibbons : artful self-discovery guide!

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You are very welcome here, where I share my personal stories and artful processes to help women invoke the creative magic they need to discover their whole, true and best Self.

I practice and teach Artful Self-Discovery – a combination of art and journal therapy with the psychology of self, used to tap into soul wisdom and experience personal growth, healing and transformation.

The glorious land of Scotland is where I call home and I am so privileged to work here alongside my internet entrepreneur husband and son, where I spend time in my art journal, making magic with mandalas and studying the art of the self-portrait.

I am a silver-haired nature devotee, with a love of beautiful notebooks, osha-root and beeswax candles. There are five ceremonial altars in my home. I love crystals and coffee and I am a solar-powered, sacred cacao ceremonial practitioner. I believe equally in truth, love, and beauty. I honour paradox, the Great Mysteries and cosmic consciousness. I am an extravagant introvert, I am incandescent and I am made of stars.

A life-long student, my virtual teachers include Dr Carl Gustav Jung, Suzanne F Fincher and Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes and a whole host of Jungian authors and practitioners, including Anne and Martin at PeopleMaps. In the flesh, I am honoured to receive Alchemical Chocolate™  and ceremonial wisdom from Annu Tara. My artistic inspirations are Frida Kahlo, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and my Self!

I am very pleased to meet you xo

Wanna know how I got here?

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The year I was to turn forty, I quit my twenty-year-long career in marketing and began a full-time exploration into the discovery of Self.

I’d been feeling distressed for some time, and although I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong, I felt inside that I had to take drastic action to figure it out. So I handed in my notice, much to my husband’s distress (I was working alongside him in the family biz) and with fatal consequence to our bank balance!

Without knowing the destination, I began to creatively wander down the twists and spirals of the path towards Home, each year delving deeper and deeper down into the cycles of my own Being, learning how to listen to and decipher the wants and desires of my hungry Soul.

She hadn’t been listened to in a long while. And for this, She was not happy.

Will you let me tell you a secret?

summer solstice ceremony

Ever since I was little, I had a feeling that I was not ordinary.

The problem was that I felt that I was living in an ordinary way.

I can’t quite explain what the catalyst was to change it – after all, I’d already been through my parent’s divorce; left home at seventeen; walked away from a sixteen year long relationship and my home, with a four-year old in tow; survived two redundancies and had been self-employed for many years. I’d faced quite a lot of life-changing possibilities!

By the time I was forty and experiencing this fierce demand for change from somewhere deep within, I was in a beautiful marriage with my Soul’s mate and we were living a good life, gallivanting around Europe, house-swapping while working on the family business and unschooling our son.

The Guardian newspaper even called us one of a new breed of Digital Nomads – but I was still feeling too ordinary… and it was hurting!

A little Truth-telling

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I believe that none of us are ordinary – not me, and especially not you … but I know that no matter how our lives look on the outside, if we are not living out our Truth (what James Hillman calls the Soul’s Code,) then we are living in an ordinary way.

My Truth was to be found in the study and practice of Artful Self Discovery : through creativity, therapy, psychology, symbology, ceremony, mythology … and Being Self.

So that’s what I’m here to share

Self marriage Ritual

I know I’m not the only Being who understood that there was something missing… that there was something more…. I know, because I hear this from women every day.

So I have set out to create a set of processes to help other women discover the wants and desires of their True Self – the Divine Being manifested in their particular body and psyche.

Processes designed to uncover the secret to listening to and deciphering their Soul’s calling – and how they can hear it in the very drum of their heart, in the throbbing, pulsing, living, breathing manifestation of the gloriousness of their Holy Whole Self.

The first step is the Mandala of Self : a free workshop introducing the concept of Artful Self Discovery using the magic of mandala (no art experience necessary.) < COMING SOON!

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