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Julie Gibbons practices and teaches artful self help – a combination of art  and journal therapy and the psychology of self. It allows you to tap into soul wisdom and experience personal growth, healing and transformation.

Hello there! My name is Julie Gibbons and I’m based in central Scotland. Six months before my fortieth birthday, I quit my twenty year career in marketing to spend my time immersed in full time research to discover who I truly was (and what I really wanted to do with my life.)

Ever since, I’ve been sharing my creative strategies to help others connect with their true self and discover their dharma (life purpose.)

You might especially enjoy this site if you are a creative woman interested in self discovery through intuitive, creative practice that reveals your personal patterns, symbolism and archetypes.

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“There are things we feel to be good and true, although from the point of view of intellect and calculation remain inexplicable.” Vincent van Gogh

Who Am I?

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  • I live and work at home in Scotland with my handsome teenage son & brilliant husband
  • We home educate, follow our own flexible curriculum and we’re an organic family
  • My career background is 20 years of software company marketing (I’ve been self-employed for 11 years)
  • Instagram is my favourite social network but I don’t play with social media out of hours (evening or weekends)
  • I’m studying Journal Therapy, Psychology of Self and Art Therapy and am a PeopleMaps Licensed Practitioner
  • I’ve been attuned to Reiki Level II since 2003 and the last evening class I attended was Indian Head Massage but I rarely practice either anymore
  • House swapping is one of my favourite ways to travel and I thrive in blue skies and sunshine, whether warm or cold
  • 2011 was the year I stopped colouring my hair – I love being grey!
  • Chocolate is my emergency ration (coffee is a close second)
  • I love watching foreign language films in arthouse cinemas, especially on rainy days and most especially with my husband.

Heroes – in myth, literature, and real life – take journeys, confront dragons (ie problems) and discover the treasure of their true selves. Although they may feel very alone during the quest, at its end their reward is a sense of community; with themselves, with other people, and with the earth ~ Carol Pearson

What Do I Want?

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  • To live an authentic expression of the wild woman I know myself to be
  • To make art every day and remember I am enough
  • To support my husband and son in realising their dreams
  • A peaceful, open and trusting partnership with my family and friends
  • To make healthy choices, which support a healthy body and creative mind
  • A close network of creative souls, each of us supporting the other in equal exchange
  • Freedom to live and work in a sunny place, to gaze often at the stars and marvel at the world
  • To go on regular adventures, full of colour, nature, love and connection
  • To complete the granny square crochet blanket I started in 2010
  • That people would be more gentle with each other, take time to look each other in the eyes and really listen

“It is better to do one’s duty, however defective it may be, than to follow the duty of another, however well one may perform it. He who does his duty as his own nature reveals it, never sins.” Lao Tzu

How Do I Serve?

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  • Showing up everyday, acting in accordance with my values and sharing from my soul
  • Continuous learning and development for personal and business growth
  • Providing a beautiful, calm and safe home/work environment
  • Creating classes and workshops which inspire others to connect with their true self, discover their life purpose and lead a more fulfilling life
  • Understanding my own personal symbolism, patterns and archetypes through art journaling
  • Sharing my art via Etsy, Instagram and YouTube
  • Planning wellness menus for our family, so we eat well even when I’m at the mercy of the muse!
  • Connecting people to each other, tools and resources they might find helpful
  • Avoiding negative and agenda-based information consumption
  • Honouring freedom of choice for all, whilst cheerleading and encouraging others to reach for their own dreams

Not the end

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Brightest blessings to you for reaching this far.

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