About Julie Gibbons

Julie Gibbons is an Artful Self Explorer and Mandala Magic Geometer.

She combines art + journal therapy with the psychology of Self to create a unique Artful Self Discovery process.

Each year she leads a twelve month online program called Mandala Magic which goes deep into a personal exploration of the cycles of Self (and All that is), through the medium of the mandala.

Scotland is her home and she feels privileged to work there alongside her internet entrepreneur husband and son.

Julie is a silver-haired nature devotee, with a love of morning walks and evening stillness. She is solar-poweredand lives, loves and works as an awakening woman.

She describes herself as an extravagant introvert, fashioned from both clay and stars.

Welcome! Julie Gibbons Creative began as a home to share my experience of a full-time, creative exploration into self.

This website is where I shared my story, photographs, creative writing and art journaling projects, before venturing into the production of art journal classes, mandala workshops and circles.

These workshops and circles are offered as a reflection of my own experience, with some back-up from some awesome teachers, including those long dead, some still very much alive and some from the very earth herself.

Awakening women from across the world participate in my mandala workshops + classes in response to a creative urge that sees them seeking more truth in their lives.

Decoding the mythic language of the symbols that express themselves through us is an excellent place to begin.

As we gain understanding of our self, we gain understanding of our place in the world and come to find a peaceful earthly existence. We begin to let go of all that doesn’t serve and open ourselves to the wild, magic ride that is Life!

Some training/career info:

I qualified in Communication Studies at Napier University Edinburgh in the days before everyone had a personal computer. We hand-typed our essays and thesis work and we learned traditional printing techniques. There was no world wide web and mobile phones cost thousands + weighed kilos!

After graduation, I embarked on a twenty year career in marketing which saw me work for various hi-tech + software firms, training with Apple Inc in London and ending up at the industry trade body Scotland IS. We passed through the dot com bubble and mostly survived – exciting times!

The latter ten years of my marketing career were spent as an independent consultant, and it was during this time that I began to work with online personality profiler, PeopleMaps, training once more in the field of psychology, which was part of my earlier Communication Studies.

After studying with PeopleMaps’ Jungian personality experts and qualifying as a Personality Profiling Practitioner, I gave it all up to enter a period of full-time self-exploration. During this time I began to work with and study art + journal therapy and delved more deeply into Dr Carl Jung’s work with the mandala, leading to my current work in the field today.

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