Journey with me towards wholeness through art and journal therapy and the psychology of self. Together, we will use art journaling and storytelling to explore our unique personal mythology.

Join my online classes, workshops and circles to discover how to interpret the mandala and other powerful symbols and archetypes. Create your best life, discover your life purpose and reveal your true self in the process.

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Come into my parlour : A 21 SECRETS Giveaway


All the 21 SECRETS teachers are getting more than a little excited as launch day moves closer for this latest round of […]

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Creating My World

Create Your World

I am a most passionate believer that we get to create the world in which we live. I know it to be […]

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Art Journaling

Wild Body : Art Journal Video

Wild Body Journal

I know it’s often mandala madness around these parts. Truthfully, I have mostly been working in my mandala journals since beginning the […]

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The Descansos Spiral Mandala : an art journal video

descansos spiral mandala

I’ve been itching to get to blogging and vlogging this last couple of weeks after a super long break, so thought I’d […]

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Creative Practice

Mandala Monday : What is a mandala?

Full moon mandala

People generally have a different view of the definition of a mandala. This is the definition I work with. A mandala is […]

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Genius at your fingertips

Genius at your Fingertips

I love the word genius. It’s origin is listed in Wikipedia as; In ancient Rome, the genius (plural in Latin genii) was […]

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Self Discovery

Answering the Inner Critic

Julie Gibbons

I’m dealing with some inner critic issues on this week’s #peakoftheweek video, and reflecting on how sometimes, those voices are just there […]

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What will you ignite today?

Altar Candle

Something new for #foundinspirationsfriday – a video spark of inspiration for you. Each morning I mark my entry into the studio by […]

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