Journey with me towards wholeness through art and journal therapy and the psychology of self. Together, we will use art journaling and storytelling to explore our unique personal mythology.

Join my online classes, workshops and circles to discover how to interpret the mandala and other powerful symbols and archetypes. Create your best life, discover your life purpose and reveal your true self in the process.

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The call of nature (and a limited opening to join the circle)

happy baby yoga pose

I’m just back from a couple of days spent down on the east coast of Scotland. I was answering a call to visit the sea […]

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Scholarship applications open

Mandala Magic 2015 (artful self discovery)

Important Update : APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! So many scholarship applications were received in just one day, I’ve had to close the process, […]

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Art Journaling

What’s different about Mandala Magic 2015?

Mandala Magic 2015

I received an email overnight from Christine, who asked; I have just ordered The Mandala Work Book and the Creating Mandalas book […]

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Taking a class

prehistoric circles mandala

I’ve been following San Francisco based artist, Lisa Congdon on Instagram for a while now and love her style. She recently shared […]

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Creative Practice

A Sacred Art Workshop

tara postcard

I may be wildly out of my depth, but I just booked myself onto a weekend workshop at Samye Ling at the […]

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The light lets you be in the dark

winter solstice light

The sun is setting. It’s  15:42 on the shortest day of the year (it rose at 08:44.) As I light the candles in […]

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Self Discovery

Deeper Self Inquiry and a Hashtag for 2015

child pose yoga

image: January’s image for the Yoga Wheel of the Year calendar All the very best to you and yours on this, the start […]

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You’re OK You’re OK You’re OK

Seventh Veil extract

We’re in circle, each of us taking our turn to try and express the ineffable, and she says, “I have some words, […]

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