Journey with me towards wholeness through art and journal therapy and the psychology of self. Together, we will use art journaling and storytelling to explore our unique personal mythology.

Join my online classes, workshops and circles to discover how to interpret the mandala and other powerful symbols and archetypes. Create your best life, discover your life purpose and reveal your true self in the process.

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Let’s Be Radiant Together (and learn how to create mixed media faces)


FACT ONE = Faces are fascinating (don’t take my word for it – go look in the mirror!) FACT TWO = Artists […]

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June’s Mandala Magic Theme is …

Stage Six Dragonfight

It’s beginning to get really juicy in the online programme I lead, so I thought I’d share a wee snippet with you […]

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Art Journaling

I was published in heART Journal Magazine

heART Journal Magazine

I was just published in heART Journal Magazine, and totally forgot all about it – oops! Now available on both Google Play […]

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Circles are sixy : for body, mind and spirit

circles are sixy

It isn’t that I have forgotten about my website or you, dear reader … it’s just that I am doing stuff behind […]

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Creative Practice

Feminine practice : a personalised ritual

desk altar

What I see out there on the internets and what I experience right here in person is a massive rise in women […]

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Mandala Monday : What is a mandala?

Full moon mandala

People generally have a different view of the definition of a mandala. This is the definition I work with. A mandala is […]

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Self Discovery

For Ruaridh, on your sixteenth

Hamming it Up

Dear Ruaridh You turned sixteen years of age today! You know, you’re the only other person in the whole world apart from […]

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Answering the Inner Critic

Julie Gibbons

I’m dealing with some inner critic issues on this week’s #peakoftheweek video, and reflecting on how sometimes, those voices are just there […]

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