Journey with me towards wholeness through art and journal therapy and the psychology of self. Together, we will use art journaling and storytelling to explore our unique personal mythology.

Join my online classes, workshops and circles to discover how to interpret the mandala and other powerful symbols and archetypes. Create your best life, discover your life purpose and reveal your true self in the process.

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A Cacao Gathering (and a prize draw winner)

and the winner is

It was a magical birthday weekend, and I spent the entirety of it not working – yay! Instead, I spent the time with loved […]

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Announcing a new mandala workshop (it’s online and FREE!)

free mandala workshop

Wanna join in? Hop on over to the sign up page! Before you go, please consider helping to sprinkle the mandala magic by […]

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Art Journaling

Taking a class

prehistoric circles mandala

I’ve been following San Francisco based artist, Lisa Congdon on Instagram for a while now and love her style. She recently shared […]

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When I Close My Eyes

Close My Eyes

I was following a thread on the web and saw an art journal prompt by Jenafer Joy for this paint-over-self-portrait which I knew I […]

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Creative Practice

Mandalas and Indigenous Symbolic Art : Revelations and Manifestations

Primal Mother Mandala

During our summer road trip house swap adventure we ended up swapping homes with an artist. She was particularly interested in and […]

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Feminine practice : a personalised ritual

desk altar

What I see out there on the internets and what I experience right here in person is a massive rise in women […]

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Self Discovery

You’re OK You’re OK You’re OK

Seventh Veil extract

We’re in circle, each of us taking our turn to try and express the ineffable, and she says, “I have some words, […]

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My Artist’s Story (a conversation with Connie Hozvicka)

21 secrets conversation

I love Connie Hozvicka, there’s just no two ways about it. When Connie asked me to lead a workshop in 21 Secrets […]

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